Portuguese Designer Ricardo Preto Reinvents This Rustan’s Brand 
See what the renowned designer can do for Philippine fashion.

It all starts with a color palette. From it, the intention grows into a full and well-coordinated wardrobe meant for a contemporary and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Portuguese designer Ricardo Preto understands the challenges of both looking good and feeling comfortable with a 7-to-7 work frame. And with the fast-paced environment most of us endure every single day, he has grasped the importance of looking effortlessly stylish, which he translates and delivers through his seamlessly coordinated collections. All his pieces within each collection guarantees a no-brainer mixing and matching that yields to a well-utilized wardrobe.

Sought after by fashion authorities since his debut in 2005, Ricardo has been widely recognized all over the world for his eye for both details and structure. His partnership with Rustan’s to bring his sartorial vision and aesthetics to the Philippines is indeed a blessing for the local fashion scene.

He launches and reinvents Rustan’s brands, sitting as the creative director for Ricardo Preto Exclusive for Rustan’s and U by Ricardo Preto. Both brands promise seasonless pieces that are inspired by beauty and harmony of forms designed to evolve along with the individual.

Moved by the lush vegetation and semi-precious stones found in the Philippines, Ricardo creates his first collection for Rustan’s with structured fabrics, clean minimalist lines and fitted silhouettes suited for modern women.

With materials from Portugal, Italy, and France, Ricardo’s collections vow to give you high quality clothes while remaining to be in your “comfort zone in terms of style and budget,” as Rustan’s President Donnie Tantoco puts it.
Check out the gallery below for Ricardo's collections for women under the two relaunched Rustan's brands!
Photos from Rustan's.
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